Windrush Farm Holiday Art Sale 2008 – and the Photo Booth with Hats


Thank you to everyone who came out to support our annual Windrush Farm Holiday Art Sale. It was another really fun day on the farm with… good art, good people and good food. We loved seeing all your faces and we’re happy you shared your faces in our Photo Booth.

To see the rest of your faces from the Photo Booth, please click the link below:





Photo Booth Geniuses!!

For my friend Claudia’s wedding, I wanted to set-up a photo-booth, where the guests could photograph themselves. I like photo-booths because people are always more relaxed and creative when they are allowed to photograph themselves, rather than when a stranger is taking their photo. And at weddings, inevitably there are guests that I am not able to photograph, so a photo-booth helps ensure that the couples have photos of everyone who wants to be photographed.

So before the wedding, I sought advice on how to set it up from Jessamyn, a photographer friend, who often sets up photo stations at her weddings. And then I sought help from Thomas, another photographer friend, who was also coming to the wedding. Together we set up the station with lights, a cable release and a sign instructing people on what to do.

The day after the wedding, Thomas and I were flipping through the photos, and we found a lot of good ones, but mostly the usual: smiling, kissing, silly face photos…. and then we found this…

Absolutely amazing!! I have no idea who these people are, but they are photo-booth geniuses in my book. Anyone who is that creative when left alone with a camera has got to be fun to hang out with.

And well… then there was this one… but I know these two, and yes, they are lots of fun to hang out with!

Engagement Photos and Haiku’s…

Meghan and Tom wanted engagement photos because they did’t have any photos of just the two of them together. And that made me very happy because…

  • it gives us time to get to know each other better
  • I get to see how they photograph
  • they get used to me hanging around and documenting their every move
  • and we get to play without having to worry about time constraints, like on the day of the wedding.

So we met in San Francisco at the Ferry Plaza where we warmed up with baguettes and swing dancing in the bright sun.

Then we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge where the fog was playing at the edge of the sun, which made for great light and cold photos.

Meghan and Tom were good sports and open for anything, even dusty old phone booths. And they were perfectly happy to be told to “get close” and “snuggle in” because it gave them a chance to talk about haiku’s and laugh.

But my favorite photos of the day were at the very end. We were all more comfortable with each other, the wind was blocked by the tress and the grass was glowing green… everything was perfect.

Come again soon to see their Nicasio Valley wedding photos.

Artists & Farmers… October 3rd… Come!

When you visit a new town, what is the best way to get to know that new town and community? We think the best way to get to know a community is through the food and the art.

So we want to celebrate the Artists and Farmers who make our community unique by sharing their faces and stories. I am working on this project with a very talented team of people, including Beau Bouverat who made this film:


We are just now getting started with the documentation of Sonoma County, and we still have a long way to go to tell the story of this one county. But we want to share what we have so far with other people who are interested in celebrating community through our Artists and Farmers.

So we are throwing a free Artists & Farmers event at Cornerstone Gardens on October 3rd from 11-4 pm. There will be:

Live music by Arann Harris and the Farm Band, The Easy Leaves and David Luning.

Food to taste and buy from some of our local farmers.

Art demonstrations, as well as finished art pieces to admire, made by some of our local artists.

A photo booth for you to take your own artist and farmer portraits.

And some of the portraits that we have taken so far will be on display.

So if you like food and art. Or if you grow food or make art… then please come and celebrate with us on October 3rd.

If you are an artist or farmer in Sonoma County and you would like to be a part of this project then please leave a comment or send me an email.

A Black Tie and Cow Patty Fairy Tale Come True…


Veronica and Mike’s wedding was nothing short of incredible. Veronica wanted to have a memorable party and I believe she got it, but not without a lot of work and a lot of luck.


Work because the wedding was held on top of a hill in a cow pasture, accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles, in order to have a 360º view without any buildings. So everything had to be brought up to the top of the hill and created in the cow pasture, including… electricity, tent, floor, stage, tables, chairs, kitchen, food, bar, alcohol, photo booth. And Molli Milner and Denise Rocco-Zilber, from Green Girl Events, deserve a standing ovation because they made it all happen so smoothly, as if that hill is always so magical.


Luck because the wedding was held in October, just three days after the biggest rain storm we have had in over six months. On the Wednesday before the wedding, as the rain was still coming down, I was a little doubtful that the event was going to happen at all.




But sure enough, the sun came out on Friday and dried the muddy roads and fields so the show could still go on. And by Saturday, everything was perfect. The fog did make an appearance, as is expected when you are on a hill overlooking Tomales Bay, and it rolled in with a strong windy force, but that just pushed the festivities inside the cozy tent, with see-through walls, which made it better for the string quartet and the opera that preceded the ceremony.





Veronica and Mike love the opera, so they asked some students from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, one of the most acclaimed schools of opera in the nation, who they saw perform at The Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station, to perform a few of their favorite songs.

They also asked David Lomeli, who is an Adler Fellow and who has received a first prize of Placido Domingo’s Operalia award, to sing as well. They were absolutely thrilled and shocked when he happily agreed. 

I haven’t been to an opera in over 10 years, so I am not an expert on the topic, but they were amazing.

Everything was amazing.











It was a small and beautifully intimate black tie affair. Black tie was required, because Veronica liked the idea of black ties and cow patties. And I like the idea too.

So loved ones, let this be a warning… if Arann and I do get married again, like we hope to do, because getting married is so much fun and we think couples should do it again every year… you too may be asked to wear black tie in a cow pasture on top of a hill… ’cause it sure makes for a pretty wedding and pretty photos to go with it.





One last very important detail about this love story… Veronica and Mike met on They are two more reasons why I am a believer in Online dating. Veronica and Mike’s fairy tale is definitely a fairy tale that tops anything Cinderella or Snow White can bring home from the bar.


So congratulations to Veronica and Mike. Keep dreaming big… what you create from your dreams is worth all the hard work, and luck is on your side.



















Love is in the Air at The Phoenix…


The Phoenix held their long awaited Guitar Gala last night. The primary focus of the night was the auction of approximately 20 guitars (donated by the Gibson Foundation), each designed and customized by local and nationally recognized visual artists.

100% of the proceeds from the Guitar Gala will be dedicated to supporting the free-of-charge after-school music, theater and arts programs for at-risk youth of the North Bay – as well as to help preserve the historic Phoenix Theater, which has served as an important performing arts venue for over 100 years – hosting a diverse group of artists ranging from Enrico Caruso to Louis Armstrong, from Carlos Santana, Sublime, and Metallica to Green Day and Hilary Duff.

To read more about the Phoenix click here:

For my contribution to the event, I volunteered the Photo Booth that Arann and I created, which has appeared on the blog several times before. But little did I know I was actually setting up a kissing booth.

Every time I have set up the booth in the past, I find at least one or two photos of love birds kissing for the camera… but last night was a record. I don’t know if just being in the youthful Phoenix building was the secret love potion, but people were definitely happy and in love at The Phoenix Guitar Gala.

And hopefully all that love helped The Phoenix reached their monetary goal, so they can continue to pass the love on to our North Bay youth.

phoenix_mg_9041 _mg_9032

_mg_9055 phoenix_mg_9061

_mg_91971 _mg_9260

_mg_9235 _mg_9193 _mg_9083 _mg_9125

_mg_9052 phoenix_mg_9099

_mg_9047 _mg_9095

If you took your photo in the Photo Booth… click the link below to find your photographs:


Just a small intermission…

It has been ages since my last post, and for that I apologize. It has been a crazy time, but I am back and ready to blog again. The good news is, hopefully, there will be lots of fun posts, as I have to make up for lost time.

The most recent photo news: Arann and I built a photo booth… for real. A for real real photo booth, and so we are excited to have that as a part of the Paige Green Photography tool box.

The occasion was KWMR’s Bi-Annual Barn Party Gala at Warren Hellman’s amazing ranch in West Marin and the theme was the Golden Age of Radio. Warren Hellman is the fantastic man behind the (FREE) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass concert series in the Golden Gate Park every year. So, needless to say, Arann, a big fan of bluegrass and an aspiring performer at Hardly Strictly, really really wanted to go to KWMR’s Bi-Annual Barn Party Gala at Warren Hellman’s barn…. so he sold KWMR on a photo booth… that we didn’t have.

(Here we are still setting it up and testing it out. I really liked the distorted larger than life head and tiny body wide angle look… but Arann thought it was a bit much… so we went with a more standard style below.)

So… long story short… we pulled it off (barely) by the hair of our collective chins… and in the end it looked pretty cool. And now we are excited to use it for future events… so if you want a photo booth at your next event… we’ve got a good one for you… just tell us the theme and well bring the props.

For those of you who attended the event, and would like your complimentary paige green photography photo booth photo… just click here.

Why Am I Doing This Again… (Best of 2011)…

Once again I feel so incredibly lucky because 2011 was another very good photography year for me.

Not only were two books with my photography published this year…

(Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess.)

(Cooking My Way Back Home by Mitchell Rosenthall.)

But I also started work on my third book

And I had two photographs published in The New York Times.

(Fibershed made it in the New York Times on July 7th, 2011.)

(A photo of my grandparents in The Lives They Loved)

I was hired for the first time by biggies like Nike…

and William Sonoma.

And by some cool local companies like Stemple Creek Ranch

Nest Architecture Studio

And Susan Hayes Handwovens

I also met and photographed so many inspiring individuals (especially women) who are doing inspiring things…

…Jean Near.

…Leslie Santos.

…Elizabeth Boothby.

And then there was this guy called George Lucas.

And 12 amazing weddings…

And 14…




But as I was running around documenting other people’s lives, I was also making a little life of my own…

And now 2.5 months later, this crazy little person I created is constantly reminding me how fast everything can change in just a matter of seconds let alone a whole year.

Which leads me to the one photo from 2011 that makes my heart swell like I never knew it could…

I love this photo of my grandfather and my son not because it was published in any magazine or because it is of anyone famous. I love this photo because it helps remind me that in the end none of that fancy stuff really matters. This one photo reminds me that life is too short, we never know what is going to happen next and there are some moments we just need to hold on to.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for helping make 2011 a wonderful year. I look forward to seeing what lessons life brings in 2012.

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