I got a Rolleiflex


After borrowing Matteo’s medium format camera all summer long I needed to make my own purchase. And after many hours searching for used cameras on all the usual sites like B&H and eBay. Finally I found a great little one on the KEH site, based out of Atlanta. And so I started shooting away and piling up rolls of film. I was using it at very important events, like my father’s wedding, meeting my friend’s new human (above) and reuniting with my 6th grade boyfriend. But I had not been able to process any of the rolls until now so I wasn’t even sure if it worked.

But to my excited delight, it does. And I am in love with it. It is so much fun to shoot, the shutter is almost inaudible and you look really cool with it and therefore get lots of comments from those who see you with it. To add to my excitement, I also bought a scanner a CanoScan 8800. I am still learning how to tweak it but I think it will be fine for my needs.

I am definitely testing the boundaries with this camera though, as I don’t like tri-pods… so I hand hold it at very slow shutter speeds and with high iso film. The results vary… I think you have to be arty to appreciate some of them or just not mind the blur.


Day 26 – MAN-venture…

When I asked HAH if he wanted to go on an adventure today, he said, “A MAN-venture.” Lucky kid gets to spend a lot of time with his dad and his dad’s creative vocabulary.171-harper2yr But today was a family-venture day, which I documented with my Rolleiflex, a medium format film camera, so no photos to share of today, yet.

173-harper2yrFortunately I didn’t share any photos last year, so here are some film photos from our Wisconsin family-venture last summer.


Because I am the photographer, it looks like all we ever have are MAN-ventures… but occasionally I can sweet talk Arann in to photographing me so I get to be in a couple of photos too…000076850006Although it is quite funny how miserable we seem in all of these photos… but that is what can happen with slow focusing cameras, just look at any photo of your great-great-grandparents as kids.

000076820006To prove that it was actually a fun trip… here is at least one happy smiling photo to help start Monday off right.

Day 9 – this is film…

These were the last photos my beloved Rolleiflex took before it broke on Christmas morning. Day9 - HAHtrain-68070005

These photos remind me how much I love that camera.

Day9 - HAHtrain-68070001

And I hope it comes back very soon.Day9 - HAHtrain-6807000168070007So even though these photos were not actually taken today, because they are film, I think they are allowed to break the rules.

It’s All About the Family…

Last week I received this email:

I am looking for someone to take photos of my extended family (13 people ages 3 mos-75 yrs) in Bolinas. We are renting a house there for the weekend for my mom’s birthday. I think we would want some photos of everyone and some of the four nuclear families that make up the 13 people. Your photos are beautiful. I didn’t look at all of them but they seemed to be mostly one person. Do you have any examples of larger groups?


So, inspired, I decided to dig through the archives and share some of my favorite Rolleiflex “family”photos…

To see what digital group photos look like click here.


Summer. Good for us. Bad for Crayfish.

I learned that to hunt for crayfish, all you need is a garden stick, string, some sort of wire shaped into a hook for the salami and a pond. Beer, dogs and friends help too.

I didn’t actually eat any of the crayfish, and neither did Arlo, but my friends said they were yummy. I hope to be able to try them after our next crayfish hunting adventure.

(Photographed with my beloved Rolleiflex in Sonoma, California.)

Guess who got a new camera…

(This photo was taken somewhere in southern Illinois, with my Mamiya 7.)

I am happy to announce that my beloved Rollei now has a new sister. Her name is Mamiya 7. Well, she is not new. I am her third owner, according to her previous owner, who I found on craigslist, but she is new to me and I am excited. Mamiya 7 is a cute little thing that takes big beautiful 6×7 medium format (film) photos.

I am hoping to put her to use this summer on some of my upcoming projects, including the Town Hall cook book. I think the rectangular format will be better than square, so there isn’t as much senseless cropping involved. Unlike this beauty of an image which is cropped just right.

Photographing The Symphony…

This is my talented photographer friend, Jessamyn, and her one month old, Symphony.

The hard part about being a photographer, is that you are never in any photographs.

Jessamyn can, and will, take thousands of amazing photos of her new little human.

But what she can’t do is photograph herself with her new little amazing human.

So I got to come and visit.

We cranked the heat and striped Miss Symphony down and we just played.

It was the perfect thing for a cold and rainy Monday.

And she was the perfect little model, which is a good thing, since this is only the beginning of her career.

Rolleiflex photos coming soon.

I hate waiting…

If I am walking somewhere and I come to an intersection that I want to cross and the light is red…

then I cross the street that is green.

If I come to a bus stop and the bus isn’t there…

then I keep walking.

If I have to choose between instant oatmeal and healthy make your own oatmeal…

then, regrettably, I eat the instant, even though I know it is a packaging nightmare and it has too much sugar.

If I make cookies…

then I eat so much cookie dough that I become ill and then I burn my mouth on the cookies I do bake.

And if I want to put up a blog post, but I am at a hotel with a bad connection and it takes too long to upload photos…

then I just don’t post.

This is what has been happening to me for the last week that I have been traveling. It was very frustrating not to have an alternative to my waiting.

(Rolleiflex photos: Arann waiting for Rube to make us breakfast, in Athens, GA.)

But I am in New York now…

So, while I may have to wait for other things, at least my internet waiting days are over.

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