Day 8 – Back to work…

I realized on the first leg of my three+ hour commute to South San Francisco that today was my second to last photo shoot with the Studio Choo ladies. After two years working together, I am going to miss bundling up in extra layers, eating burritos with green salsa, trying to bounce light off the dark clouds, blowing dirt around with the rocket and catching up on the latest developments of our very fascinating lives. But I am excited to share our new collaboration that is coming out in the fall of 2014… and here is a teeny tiny sneak peek…010814_44A0215

Day 6 – anything but the drums…

_MG_0029As a kid, when I told my parents I wanted to quit taking piano lessons, in a desperate attempt to keep me interested in music, they said, “We’ll buy you any instrument you want, what do you want to play?”

I said, “Drums.”

They said, “Anything but drums.” (And I distinctly remember my dad saying, “You have to have rhythm to play drums.”)

So that was it for me and music.

Tonight HAH went right to the drum set in our friend’s living room, climbed up on the stool, grabbed the brushes and started to play, while also singing “Home on the Range.” And we, as parents, cheered loudly from the couch… I think I was cheering the loudest.

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