Asking for directions….

…can lead to some amazing experiences. I was on the way to Lake Keowee, to visit Ann and her family and I wasn’t exactly sure I was going the right way, when I saw this man, Homer Price, on the side of the road with his spray can full of herbicides….


I pulled around and asked him if I was headed in the right direction and I found out I was….and so much more…turns out Homer was in the mood to talk….and before I knew it, I was meeting his wife and touring their cabins, looking at doll collections and photo albums and drinking a coke on the couch. I was very late to the lake….but I realized this opportunity was a gift that I would not have again if I didn’t take advantage of the moment….so it was worth arriving 2 hours late with my melted chocolate pie. My only regret is that I missed photographing the ant that was working hard navigating through the twisted strands of Homer’s beard, until Judi squished it between her fingers.


This is my portrait of their self-portraits, very close to the real humans, except for the four left hands.

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