Making an Album…

My fiance Arann Harris is a musician. And the start of our relationship, 5 1/2 years ago, also marks the official starting line for each of our prospective artistic pursuits. I went to work (for free) as an “intern” at a studio in San Francisco and he went to Open Mic Nights. He went to awkward studio parties with me and I went to even more awkward and off-key Open Mic Nights with him.

Now, 5.5 years later, it is amazing to see how much we each have grown… and every once and awhile we have to stop and remind each other of where we started, just to appreciate how far we have come.

Today was one of those important musical milestone days for Arann. Today Arann recorded his first album.

Above is the “studio” on the outside. Below is the studio on the inside where… 5 musicians, 1 sound man and 1 documentary film maker spent 10 rainy hours, playing each song again and again, until everyone felt they got it right.

When the crew finally wearily emerged from the old school house on The Green String Farm, they were happy and very tired. And now we wait, eagerly, to hear what all their hard work will come to, after the sound man works his sound magic…. and maybe, just maybe… Arann Harris will finally have his very first CD…. so stay tuned.

Congratulations, Arann! I am proud of you… of us.

The Bluebellies at The Mystic

Just a moment to brag about my man’s band, The Bluebellies, because they happily climbed onto the big stage at our hometown venue, The Mystic, on Saturday night. It wasn’t their first time under the bright Mystic spotlights, but it still is a big deal, so I wanted to document the occasion well for them.

The hardest part of photographing shows is always capturing the stage, as well as the crowd. Arann always wants photos that show lots of people… but without using flash, it isn’t easy. I stuck in one of my attempts, just to show how many people love them.

So the next time you hear about The Bluebellies coming to your town, you should grab your friends and go watch them play… but only if you are ready to dance, laugh and hear lots of songs about chickens.

To hear samples of their music and to see more of my Bluebelly photography checkout their myspace page here:

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