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and back to jeanie changing my life… is a person with an amazing soul and so much talent but without the one basic sense that my whole life and future career revolves around…..without the ability to see light.

i have never had a friend who was blind before. so i have so many questions that i found it almost hard to talk at all…..but she is so much more than a blind person….and yet i imagine she has to educate the ignorant sighted folk all the time. so i didn’t want to be another one who can’t see beyond the obvious……

but that is just it……seeing and sight comes up in almost every sentence….one of the first things i said to her was, “this room has really good light,” and she said, “i finally changed the light-bulbs after so many people complained about them being burnt out.”

but the lights weren’t on, I was talking about the windows…..

and that was just the beginning.

jeanie sings

and when jeanie sings people listen. she has an amazing voice, kind of like janice joplin and she is able to sing in four octaves….most people can only sing in one or two. the most amazing thing is that when gennie sings you can hardly tell that she is blind.

jeanie is singing with the bluebellies band a local favorite in petaluma, california.

this is jeanie

gennie is a massage therapist. she works at a fancy health club in novato and practices on her own clients in her home, in petaluma. meeting gennie changed my life.

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