Where half of my genes come from

This is my father. He loves the lake and motor powered objects.


This is my dad with one of his boats. He really likes to teach people to water ski. He taught me when I was four and so 26 years later one thing I can say with confidence… I am good at water-skiing.


And this is my dad with his gold corvette (the bat mobile.)


And this is his garage art.

coal in london?

As a young woman, who is not much bigger than a bag of coal herself, selling coal in London in 2007, Liz receives a lot of strange looks and comments from people she doesn’t know. For the most part, she has met a lot of good people through her job and after 8 months in the business, it is hard for her to pass a boat on the canals without them saying hello and wondering when she’ll be back with their coal.

coco meets the tube

Coco, the narrow boat, all of the boats have names and it is bad luck to change a name unless you take the boat out of the water first, travels from her home at Three Mills to her new home. Moving day was seen by many of the movers as a good opportunity to bring friends, and drinks, along for help through the locks, moral support on the intimidating Thames and a fun ride. For some at Three Mills, it was their first time driving their boats therefore depending on more experienced neighbors was essential in the planning and moving process.

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