A new heart for the tin man…

(pig heart, from pigs butchered in March.)

Right after we graduated from college my best friend was told she needed open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve. One of the options she had was to replace her broken valve with a pig valve. But she was told the pig valve might not last as long, so she might have to have another surgery later in life. She chose the mechanical valve instead. If you listen really closely, you can hear her heart clicking. It is a constant reminder that life is short and science is amazing.

So please take care of your heart and the hearts of people you love.

I love to do my taxes, as much as pigs love Easter…

(This post contains a photo of a butchered pig and may not be enjoyable for everyone.)

I would be editing photos from the pig butchering I went to a couple of weeks ago, but instead I have to do my taxes… this is one time I would rather be editing.

Part of this pig, who was raised by my friends, was in fact enjoyed by our community at our Anniversary/Easter dinner. While I did not have any of the ham, because I do not eat much meat, my loved ones said it was very tasty.

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