Two Midwesterners and Their New California Boy….

It’s baby time! Seems like everyone we know is multiplying… which is fun for me.

Meet Michael, the son of two amazingly talented and loving people. When he gets a little bigger he will no doubt: play music, grow vegetables, go to Antarctica, love hiking, and have cute dimples just like his parents. But for now, he is moving to San Diego to start a new life with his parents, and we all wish them the very best.

This was the crib his mom slept in when she was a baby… yay for reusing!

See, you can kind of see that little dimple forming on that big juicy cheek.

We are submitting this week…

Jude and I met yesterday and picked our top 15 photos to submit to the stock agency in order to hopefully get accepted and hopefully start getting paid for all the fun photo shoots we have been having. Here are 5 of our favorites that have not been posted yet… to see some of the other ones (preteen rock-star and skater girl, bed in field, woman on bicycle) click here.

Don’t worry we only took one photo of crying baby, after her sister knocked her with the plastic fish and before mom picked her up. So no babies were mistreated in the making of this photo… but even crying she is still so cute.

It was hard to choose only 15, we have so many more that we love… so hopefully we will be admitted to the club and then we can put them all in. Thank you to all of our beautiful and wonderful models!!

I don’t know how mom’s do it…..

My mom says it is because they are not mine…..I say I am glad they are not mine and I was more than happy to return to my four-legged, shedding babies after a day at River Falls Park in Greenville, with Ann and Chrissy and their little people.

Today proved to me that I am out of photography shape as I got served by a three year old, a two year old and a nine month-er…..and their mothers. I was reminded how much of a song and dance it is to photograph little people and in the future I need to hire a clown for an assistant.

The day was gorgeous, as was the location, and the kids are super cute….but the three-year-old wasn’t having it, and the two-year-old frowned at me and the moms talked. The baby however, couldn’t have been better…..that’s it… requirement only children who can’t walk, crawl or talk.

No, I am just whining, I loved it and am thrilled to be able to have the time to meet the new extensions of my friends, and to be able to give them memories that will last for-almost-ever…..

Here is the ‘cutest kids in the world’ winning photo of my day:



Nap time, for all of us. If you want to see more of the ‘before’ (the cute stuff) click here.

And now that I sold myself so well, if you have cute kids you want me to photograph, please don’t hesitate to call.

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