Sense of Place…

We are The Design Guild, and we are going on Field Trips. But it’s not design we are looking for, it’s community. And we want to get to know ours better, one Field Trip at a time…paigegreenGuild04062016-544A5115paigegreenGuild04062016-544A5140


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Coming soon to a business near you.

Calling all Photograph(Fight)ers…


The Valley Fire could become one of the top 5 most destructive fires in our history; the toll on our region’s landscape and community is heartbreaking.

I was able to raise $3,150 in 24 hours for the Valley Fire relief efforts by offering free photo shoots in exchange for donations.


Think what we could raise if every photographer made the same offer in their community.

If you are a photographer who would like to help, here is the challenge offer:

FREE one hour digital photo shoots in (name of your town) to the first 10 people who donate ($$) or more to one of the following organizations that is raising money to support the relief efforts for the victims of the Lake County area fires.

Please use the hashtag #photographfighter so we can see everyone who is playing and their photos.

These are the nonprofits my clients donated directly to:

Redwood Credit Union

Petaluma Animal Shelter

Thank you for participating and I look forward to seeing the difference our photography community can make.

After Three Years…

Three years of photo shoots (60 families, 50 weddings, 40 businesses, 30 Fibershed, 25 portraits, 7 books and one documentary movie) later and I have finally updated my website.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.46.03 PM

It is very exciting to see so many of the people, businesses, books, nonprofits and documentary projects I have photographed all living together on one website.


Every single day I feel incredibly lucky to be able to support my family through photography.

11015225_10153005504375020_1622543184738751308_n (1)-Recovered

And I absolutely would not be able to do so without the help from my talented and beautiful community.


This is a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has trusted me to take their photo, shared my name with others and given me words of encouragement.


This is a huge THANK YOU to all of the assistants, stylists, producers, graphic designers, and hair and makeup artists who have helped make the photo shoots much more fun and even more successful.


Community and teamwork make everything better and I can’t wait to see what we create together next.


Lots of Love,


What hate burns, love rebuilds…


As we get ready to wave our American flags this weekend, I feel extra proud of our country because of the recent human rights accomplishments we have made with the Supreme Court ruling in support of gay marriage.


Now I want us to take our celebration of love and human rights to the black communities of America and put an end to racism, starting with rebuilding the black churches that have been attacked in the South.

daughters-2webWe can not stand back and let their churches burn to the ground as the Confederate Flag flies over their heads.

40170013I was born and raised in South Carolina, so I know how essential churches are to these communities and it breaks my heart that these acts of terrorism, committed by our own citizens, still happen and that we, as a country, are not doing more to prevent them.

belton-07-01webI want to do something to let these communities know that we will not tolerate this kind of violence in our country and that we will help them through this tragedy.


So I looked for an organization that is raising money to help the black communities rebuild their churches and I found a website created by the Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) and I have made a donation.daughters-webBecause when I wave my American flag this weekend, I want to wave it with pride. Pride in the belief that we are a country that stands up for love and human rights for all of its citizens.arannmississippiIf you would like to join me in standing up for love and human rights this Fourth of July, please click here: “What hate burns, Love rebuilds.”

11261802_10153287217550020_5731177427677169330_nThank you for your support and Happy Fourth of July, from my family to yours.

In my perfect world…

…I would live on a street where all of my best friends lived in the houses around me…

…and we would get to do all of this…

… all of the time.

But until my wish comes true…

…I am so grateful for airplanes that bring me to my favorite people who live too far away…

…And guess I’ll settle for a perfect vacation instead.

Thank you Nici, Andy, Margot, Ruby, Alice, Olive and my favorite black cat, Sam. We had an amazing adventure and we can not wait to do it again soon.

It’s All About the Family…

Last week I received this email:

I am looking for someone to take photos of my extended family (13 people ages 3 mos-75 yrs) in Bolinas. We are renting a house there for the weekend for my mom’s birthday. I think we would want some photos of everyone and some of the four nuclear families that make up the 13 people. Your photos are beautiful. I didn’t look at all of them but they seemed to be mostly one person. Do you have any examples of larger groups?


So, inspired, I decided to dig through the archives and share some of my favorite Rolleiflex “family”photos…

To see what digital group photos look like click here.


Artists & Farmers… October 3rd… Come!

When you visit a new town, what is the best way to get to know that new town and community? We think the best way to get to know a community is through the food and the art.

So we want to celebrate the Artists and Farmers who make our community unique by sharing their faces and stories. I am working on this project with a very talented team of people, including Beau Bouverat who made this film:


We are just now getting started with the documentation of Sonoma County, and we still have a long way to go to tell the story of this one county. But we want to share what we have so far with other people who are interested in celebrating community through our Artists and Farmers.

So we are throwing a free Artists & Farmers event at Cornerstone Gardens on October 3rd from 11-4 pm. There will be:

Live music by Arann Harris and the Farm Band, The Easy Leaves and David Luning.

Food to taste and buy from some of our local farmers.

Art demonstrations, as well as finished art pieces to admire, made by some of our local artists.

A photo booth for you to take your own artist and farmer portraits.

And some of the portraits that we have taken so far will be on display.

So if you like food and art. Or if you grow food or make art… then please come and celebrate with us on October 3rd.

If you are an artist or farmer in Sonoma County and you would like to be a part of this project then please leave a comment or send me an email.

Dallas: their words with my photographs…

I was hired by Re:Vision to go to Dallas and find people to tell the story of Dallas. Re:vision is hosting an architectural contest to build a community in one city block of downtown Dallas. Their premise is, “building community one city block at a time.” So Re:Vision wanted to show the architects a multimedia piece that would help them design a community that will fit the wants and needs of the people of Dallas… and they hired me (insert huge smile here) to do so.

Just in case you don’t know me… this is exactly the kind of documentary work I want to do in life!

The multimedia piece is still under construction, but because it has been such a long time since my last post,  I wanted to at least share something from my amazing journey. And because the Rolleiflex photos don’t work as well in the multimedia piece, I thought I would let them shine on their own here.

So, below you will find a series of photographs and quotes from many different Dallas residents. The photographs do not necessarily line up with the quotes, meaning the faces might not match the voices. This is just an experiment, so please feel free to leave your critiques in the comments below.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Dallas as much as I did.


“How does the rest of The World see Dallas? Nobody knows how The World sees Dallas.”


“We’re going from a typical American 1950’s city, where people went to work and everyone lived out and around. We are trying hard to create a downtown area where people can live, work, and play… a dense, urban, vibrant, fun downtown.”


“Having a place around which the community meets is enormously important and you don’t realize it until you get to a place where it doesn’t happen.”


“Nobody walks here, so you don’t meet people and share a sense of space and community.”


“That is why community is around church, high school football and The Cowboys.”


“You’ve got all that space. You can take any one of a number of thoroughfares and it’s amazing how far out the Dallas Area Metroplex goes. And then when you finally get out there and it is The West in the movies.”


“Community in suburbs is tough because the architecture creates islands. You close your door at the back and you don’t see each other. You come and you go, and it’s just classic.”


“It’s just a big old sprawling, sunbelt, southern, western, nutty, consumer, crazy… it’s just classic. It’s the best of the best and the worst of the worst in this genre of community.”


“The question is, do you need a core anymore? Does the core matter? I think it should. For density. We’re supposed to get 5 million people over the next 25 years, where are you going to put them?”


“Dallas has the largest amount of open land. To be efficient and good stewards of the environment, we have to work on density. We can’t move people up the highway further and further.”


“Today there is the economic segregation that was brought about by racial segregation. Now the Black middle class is gone.”


“This city will not be successful until it talks about education. Over 90% of kids in the Dallas Independent School District qualify for free or reduced lunches.”00930004

“So, the number one problem facing Dallas, is reducing poverty.”


“I think a lot of people have a good life here and are real happy about it. Happy to take their kids out of Dallas schools and put them in private schools or suburban schools.”


“Other people who aren’t doing so well, they find joy in their lives, but they would find more joy with better opportunities. If we could get together, we could create a community that would work better for everyone.”


“This project could be the rallying point. By saying, “This is what it means to be community. This is what it means to come together, and to have access to the tools we need, and define our own values and goals, to execute this as a group and a neighborhood.””


“Dallas is a minority majority city with one third Black, one third White, one third Latino… and the Latino population is growing. We’ll be more than 50% Latino in 20 years.”


“Most people here aren’t from here. A lot of the ideas here came from other places, but it’s still Texas. It has that real quality.”


“It’s a lot more cosmopolitan than people give it credit for. When I travel everyone thinks it’s a backwards hick town because of that stupid show in the 70’s. People get past that and its an OK place.”


“Dallas is playing catch up. It’s a vibrant city that doesn’t know it is vibrant. So much culture, but so little comes to the surface, you have to find it.”


“Downtown Dallas made a mistake when it decided to bury its pedestrian life. We have underground tunnels with businesses, as a result you don’t see people, they are all moles underground.”


“I fight The Underground everyday of my life. You can spend the whole day in the air-conditioning without ever going outside. My opinion is that it’s the downfall of downtown. But slowly people coming up to the street level.”


“We all sort of live in a bubble and we don’t see the rest of the world. We certainly don’t see it through the eyes of people that live there, or work there, or pray there.  Sometimes we don’t even know it exists and we make a lot of judgements thinking we know the world, when we don’t.”


“I think 80% of Dallas cares; there has just never been a way to get involved to bring it together.”


“Because of the cost of fuel, people are coming back downtown, so we have an opportunity to plan development and new pockets of life. It will be interesting to see what happens downtown.”


“Dallas needs to start to figure out what we can do as a city to make life better for everyone… easier, less expensive with green building and mass transit. Dream bigger.”


“Things change. Maybe they will revert back to being more compact, to where people exercise more, save energy, start walking, and say, “hello,” to people.”


“We are on the cutting edge of some things, and we are behind the times on some things, but we are going to get there.”


“Dallas knows where it needs to go.”


“It’s one of the World’s great cities. It is only going to get better because the people I know who are involved are all working on it. There is not a person here that doesn’t want to work on it. There’s lots to be done and it’s promising.”

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