For the past month, I have been driving back and forth, and back and forth, from the country to the city for this office project I am working on.

And because I often work with MALT (the Marin Agricultural Land Trust,) and they love to have photos of green hills for their annual reports… I have been trying to take the back-roads home, which has been nice because not only do I get to avoid the traffic, but I also get to build my 2009 library of green hill photos.

Here is my next installation of parallels between the two worlds that are not so far apart.









horses ignoring king george’s house

once upon a time there was a man who thought he was so important that he built his house on top of a beautiful hill for all the little people to look up at him….so now the people call him king george. these horses three miles away don’t mind looking at king george’s house but….

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