Introducing… Harper Albi Harris

Born at our home on October 14th at 12:20 am.

Named after my most favorite grandparents, who taught me the importance and value of family.

(photo taken by the talented Jude Mooney.)

He is only three weeks old and I am still completely blown away by it all…

By the fact that he was once inside of me.

By how absolutely amazing women are.

By seeing my son bundled in my husband’s arms.

By the love we have received from our incredible community.

By the multitude of faces…

…one creature can make…

…in a matter of seconds.

By my mom.

By my dog, who sat quietly with me during the whole (very long) birth.

And by this new person…

…who is making me fall in love…

…a little bit more…

….every day.

film vs digital… please

So I have been trying to use Matteo’s medium format camera…..for many reasons (including: I like the slower more thoughtful portraits and the waist level view finder)……but I am not sure I am getting results that are good enough, and at first I was frustrated and disappointed in my washed-out, flared results, but then I have started to like the images and I have been justifying the way they look to myself, by saying that it is just my style…..I am a quick shooter, I don’t like to use flash, I don’t like other gadgets or gizmos (tripods)….I want natural lighting even if it is poor indoor florescent lighting….because that is the way life is…..but what if people tell me I am being lazy and actually the quality sucks….then what, then I have spent a lot of money and time on a project that fails… I need some help… is an example of basically the same photo on both film and digital…..guess which is which……and then tell me which is better……



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