Another Comparison…

I apologize for being repetitive… but now that I have said sorry… here I go again… these are the Rollei’s version of the same weekend adventures… and my conclusion on the battle between film and digital… I like both. I think both have the potential (depending on the human making the decisions) to take really beautiful photographs… but they are different. They create different photos… and depending on what you want to photograph, you have to make the call. Or not, like me, and just lug around two obnoxious cameras and see what you get.

Here my cold friends are admiring the view for me, while I fiddle with the Rollei’s knobs, I think at this point, as their heads were blowing away, they would have preferred I stuck with digital.

And this is for Frank, he wanted the kiss…. and he almost has it.

Weekend at the Beach

My assignment this weekend… photograph a few of the beaches in Sonoma County… the problem: the wind chill factor felt like it was about 10º and blowing at about 50 mph… so not the most conducive for enticing people to visit… especially when the article is coming out in the summer and photos show people all bundled and windblown… but it was fun nonetheless and these are my favorites.

I must be gaining confidence because I had the nerve to interrupt this young couples’ kissing session to ask if I could photograph them… but the double-fur-lined hoodies in the grass were irresistible.

This is my dear friend Heidi who went to great pains to take this photo… it was definitely not candid… as she would have preferred to check the view from the car.

Not normally a sunset kind of photographer… but sunsets with kites are pretty cool.

horses ignoring king george’s house

once upon a time there was a man who thought he was so important that he built his house on top of a beautiful hill for all the little people to look up at him….so now the people call him king george. these horses three miles away don’t mind looking at king george’s house but….

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