Which would make you want to pick it up?

So, it is cover time for Jonah’s book. They want color, veggies, something different, something to show the bounty of the farms and something to compliment the title, which is: Field Days.

This was my first attempt… any thoughts?

The one above would probably have some cropping. I don’t know if it is cover potential, but I am proud of it.

Then there is this field photo, or the one that I posted long ago…. click here.

Thanks for voting!!

Oak Hill Portraits

These portraits are for Jonah Raskin’s book about his experiences on Sonoma County farms over the past year. He spent most of his time at Oak Hill Farm and wanted some portraits of the people behind the fresh organic food that he fell in love with.

I arrived at the farm at 7 am with the intentions to beat the sun and to capture the best light… but even at 7 am I was too late. But besides the bright sun overhead and my sensitivity towards their eagerness to be done with photos and back to work, I think it was a good start.

Although, not everything came out as well as I expected….

today’s farms


Today we are farming houses in America and we are farming grass to put in the yards of our houses…..


and to put on our golf courses that surround our really fancy houses.

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