Femme Fatale….?

Recently, I was asked to join an art show, with the theme, Femme Fatale. And even though I wasn’t exactly sure what Femme Fatale meant, I said, “Yes please, count me in.” After a couple of hours googling the meaning, I found everything from Greek literature to photos of Pamela Anderson in a bikini. So I came up with a working definition… strong, sexy, female, who allures, yet maintains her independence and will do whatever it takes to remain independent and in control. Well, that’s the way I wanted to think about it. I am into strong females, but immediately I wanted to avoid the… vulnerable woman in her undies, looking sultry for the male audience. I wanted to blend genders roles and play with the role reversal idea. But that’s as far as I got with my previsualization

Then I heard a friend of mine had created his own burlesque act that he was starting to perform for select audiences… and the wheels in my brain started spinning. But even then I wasn’t able to say exactly what I wanted… but looking back now, there is no way I could have planned the photos we took together. With the help of Micah’s girlfriend, Teri, here’s what we came up with.

The problem now is deciding which photos to choose for the show…. any votes and comments are welcome!

I like these two as the ‘before’ photos.

Film versus digital again, this time the main difference is the shape of the photo… and I am having a hard time deciding between the two…. any thoughts?

This one is pretty much not going to make the cut, but I thought I would put it in and see if there were any votes for this one being in the show.

There are several digital variations of this one… but this is the only film one that I really like. It has a bizarre narrative feel to it. But I don’t know if it fits. OK… so I have to choose by tomorrow, so start casting your votes. Don’t worry about how many or what size… just tell me what you like and what you don’t.

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