Farm Flower Photos (this is film)

Our first ever Farm Flower Photos with Chloris Floral and Grace and Gather at Windrush Farm was so beautiful, we can hardly stand it…


Outside the barn was crazy with rain and hail storms, but inside our barn was like…




We had so much fun that we would love to do it again.


At another farm. In another state. With different animals. And with lots more people. WE are OPEN to anything. If you’d like to play with flowers on a farm, please send us a message and let us know.


Thank you times a million to Laura Schneider for helping make it all happen, once again.


(All of these photos were photographed on medium format film.)

I photograph people…

When I was working on photo shoot yesterday, for an exciting new book with Lila B, I met another photographer who asked me what I photograph.


My quick reply, as I was standing behind my tripod with my camera pointing at an arrangement of flowers,”I photograph people.”


Photographer man: look of awkward confusion.


My addendum, “And lately, flowers.”


While I do love, and probably prefer photographing people, I am willing to photograph almost anything if the people I get to work with are amazing.


And as I start work on my second flower/plant arranging book, I can confidently say I have nothing but love for flower people and I will happily work with them any time.


Here are behind the scenes look from my first flower book, with the incredible Studio Choo, that will be on the bookshelves, in a book store near you, this spring.


Huge thanks to Morgan Bellinger for being an incredible assistant and shanty town builder.

Fun With Flowers…

California Country Magazine asked me to photograph the orchids and the process of growing and shipping the orchids, at Rocket Farms in Salinas, California. I had never seen so many amazing flowers in one place. It was a fun adventure and now I am the proud owner of my very own orchid, although I am very nervous, because I am not so good at taking care of things that don’t remind me when they need water and food. But if Rocket Farms can take care of thousands and thousands of orchids then I should be able to keep one alive – we will see how long my little one will last.

And for those curious photography minds who are wondering how I photographed these flowers… I held each one up in the air with my left hand so they were completely backlit by the light coming through the greenhouse ceiling and with my right hand I focused and pushed the shutter. It was definitely a shaky operation so I was happy for auto-focus and high shutter speeds. This assignment just proves the lengths I will go to, to avoid using tripods and lights.

Summer in Rebecca’s Garden…

My good friend Rebecca runs the Sonoma Garden Park garden and she has started her own business helping people plant and maintain organic fruit and veggies in their own gardens. Rebecca wanted some photos for her business and to help promote the garden and she thought I might get some good photos for my stock photography project. Arann and I were late and I was bummed that we were going to miss the good evening light… but we made it just in time. We had lots of fun eating yummy fruit, arranging bouquets for her Saturday market and drinking cold micro-brews. It was a perfect Friday night and these are my favorite photos….

You can’t always get what you want

but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

That’s the way the Rollei goes… you win some, you lose some, or at least you get something entirely different. This may not be the photo my mom was hoping for when she stood beside this ginormous geranium bush in SF’s Botanical Gardens… it seems my Rollei was tired of taking boring touristy photos. The… “here’s me next to the___” photos… so it added some flare, literally. Good thing this wasn’t for a real assignment, don’t know that an editor would take this, but you never know.

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