Ann and her girls….

This is one of my best friends from high school, Ann, and all her girls…

First came Susie…. and you can see her several times on my websites

And then came Allie….

We wanted to make sure Allie, the second child, has as many baby photos as her well documented big sister… so when Susie took her nap today, we had an “Allie Exclusive” photo shoot.

Well, it was an “Allie Exclusive” photo shoot except for poor Luna, Ann’s first baby girl, who has moved into a lowly third place, but with a little love, all is forgiven.

The Difference Three Years Can Make….

When I took this photo of my friend Juliet, almost exactly three years ago, it was hard to even imagine how much all of our lives were going to change. We had no idea who that little human inside her belly was going to be, let alone who the the next one was going to be, or that in three years they would move out of this house and Arann and I would move in. Life moves so fast and sometimes you don’t even realize how much things change until you stop and look back.

film vs digital… please

So I have been trying to use Matteo’s medium format camera…..for many reasons (including: I like the slower more thoughtful portraits and the waist level view finder)……but I am not sure I am getting results that are good enough, and at first I was frustrated and disappointed in my washed-out, flared results, but then I have started to like the images and I have been justifying the way they look to myself, by saying that it is just my style…..I am a quick shooter, I don’t like to use flash, I don’t like other gadgets or gizmos (tripods)….I want natural lighting even if it is poor indoor florescent lighting….because that is the way life is…..but what if people tell me I am being lazy and actually the quality sucks….then what, then I have spent a lot of money and time on a project that fails… I need some help… is an example of basically the same photo on both film and digital…..guess which is which……and then tell me which is better……



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