AMAZING… magic-amazing.

Photostiching brought to you by photoshop. I have discovered a whole new world tonight. I heard about photostiching, but I had no idea. I was preparing to throw together a rough composite of three photos, taken by my Rolleiflex, to make up the large group photo of everyone at Claudia and Leigh’s wedding, south of London in June. But with photostiching I just selected the photos I wanted, and 8 seconds later… I have this….(click the photo to enlarge)…

Amazing! Not really any seams, and it knew where I wanted to join the photos. Amazing. Thank you smart people at photoshop, I am a believer.

Happy Hula Hooping Birthday

These are just some of my favorite photos from Suzi’s Birthday Party at Oak Hill Farm last weekend. Funny how I have reoccurring themes in my life… right now they seem to be grasslands, bathtubs, and Oak Hill Farm. And hopefully from now on, hula hoops will be a on the list. They make for great photos, they’re fun and I found out I wasn’t as bad at hula hooping as I thought.

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