Some people get Porsches…


…and some people get skateboards during their mid-life years.

We received a skateboard for our wedding from one of Arann’s best friends and Arann has been obsessed with his new sport ever since. So much that he wants to have a roller rink party at the junior high school for his 35th birthday.

My mom said that is the reason we are not having children. She said some people have children so they can feel young again, but we apparently don’t help remembering how to feel young.

Sadly this amazing outfit is not a part of his daily skateboarding sessions. He wanted a special outfit for his Birthday invitation photo… so I helped him pick out the perfect combination from my wardrobe and then we headed out in to the world.

The funniest part was crossing the street in front of our house… he definitely got cat calls by men in big trucks. Arann, who was feeling a little embarrassed,  heard, “Freak,” but I like to think that they said, “Sweet.”







Another Kelly-ism…

This is only the surface of my latest Kelly, Messy Monkey Founder, photo shoot (you may remember her in the bathtub with eggs)… there is so much more to come from this shoot, but unfortunately we photographed right before I flew away on my current Eastern Adventure… so I haven’t had time to scan the negatives yet or process the digital… but I managed to sneak one negative in before Arann dragged me out the door so I wouldn’t miss my flight.

Kelly has an amazing collection of old-school granny night gowns and she wanted to play in the yard wearing them, and we have this great old horn in our house, which she was excited to play with. It brought her back to her days as drum major in her high school band… her marching form is excellent!

Stay tuned for more Kelly photo shoots.

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