My week last week…

What I learned about product photography:

  • steaming is better than ironing.
  • swabs are better than plastic squeezey things that blow air when you want to clean your digital sensor.
  • t-pins, straight pins with glass heads, and bubble wrap can come in handy when you want to add life to your still life.
  • computer capture would be better than camera capture…if your computer wanted to capture the photos.
  • table-top would be better than floor-top… but if it is on the floor then stretch at the same time in order to get your daily exercise.
  • changing the color in photoshop is much easier than trying to make 12 items look wrinkle free, lint free, and positioned exactly the same way (ps: there is a color replacement tool in CS3 that will change the color for you… although still tricky to match the exact color you want… it is ridiculously easy.)
  • calling your friend Jon, who knows how to do all this stuff already, is much better than trying to figure it out all by yourself.
  • photographing people without clothes is a lot easier than photographing clothes without people.
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