The same kid on the same bike… one year later…

Above, is Hudson at his third birthday party, on his brand new bike. This photo was taken on medium format film.

Below, is Hudson after his fourth birthday, standing a little bit more confidently and a little bit taller. This photo was taken with my 35mm digital.

I wish I could say I planned this series… but both photos just happened, because if you want to photograph Hudson then this is what Hudson does at age 3 and 4. We’ll see what he is doing next year.

Another Cute One…

I am back in South Carolina for the week and have been catching up with old friends and their new little humans. This is my friend Katie’s son, Mac, with the cutest blue eyes and absolutely no fear. He continuously tests his mom’s reflexes as he hucks himself down the slide, the stairs and whatever else he can climb on. Amazing that my friends, can create such incredible little people.

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