The Lou(ser) is Found…

arlolou-84010003Lou is HOME and purring on my lap right now! Yesterday we walked by our old house, one last time, and there he was meowing in his tree… so, so hungry. Luckily I happened to have some ham in my pocket.

Thank you so much for the support. We will keep him indoors now, so hopefully we will not be doing this hunt again.

Asking for directions….

…can lead to some amazing experiences. I was on the way to Lake Keowee, to visit Ann and her family and I wasn’t exactly sure I was going the right way, when I saw this man, Homer Price, on the side of the road with his spray can full of herbicides….


I pulled around and asked him if I was headed in the right direction and I found out I was….and so much more…turns out Homer was in the mood to talk….and before I knew it, I was meeting his wife and touring their cabins, looking at doll collections and photo albums and drinking a coke on the couch. I was very late to the lake….but I realized this opportunity was a gift that I would not have again if I didn’t take advantage of the moment….so it was worth arriving 2 hours late with my melted chocolate pie. My only regret is that I missed photographing the ant that was working hard navigating through the twisted strands of Homer’s beard, until Judi squished it between her fingers.


This is my portrait of their self-portraits, very close to the real humans, except for the four left hands.

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