Natural Light and Fiber Arts…


Peggy Osterkamp needed photos of her latest woven art pieces for a competition… so back to the barn we went, my favorite studio, especially now that it has the skylights. I just hung up a black cloth and away we went. I don’t know that I will ever use real lights, as long as I have my favorite barn. Thanks again to Mimi, at Windrush Farm, for letting us play.

I told Peggy, this kind of photography is not my specialty, but her pieces are so interesting that I had lots of fun experimenting with the light and fiber. I especially love the first one, because it reminds me of the jelly fish exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.








This is what our set-up looked like… can’t get much more simple than that.


And here is the amazing artist, who created all these beautiful pieces, trying to make the puffiness just perfect.


Stick to what you know…

This is the email I received this week….

Hi there,

I have a last minute project I was hoping you could help me with?

I have to get a professional headshot of an executive here at Safari Books Online. He will be in San Francisco tomorrow and I was hoping you would be available and willing?

What do you think?

We will need a professional backdrop and lighting.

I was all fine, and ready to go until… “We will need a professional backdrop and lighting.”

I don’t do professional backdrops and lighting… but of course, I said, “Sure, I’ll be there.”

And then I freaked out. Professional backdrops… that means c-stands and drop cloths, but all I have are wrinkled sheets and Arann’s mic stands…. and I hate using lighting. So I ran around and borrowed what I could from photographer friends (thank you Jude and Randall) and loaded up my car with all kinds of gadgets and I took off for the city with a stomach full of butterflies.

But because I didn’t have an assistant to help me set-up any kind of backdrop, and because I knew my client was going to be busy and not able to hang out while I try different “professional backdrops”… I decided, while I was in the car… no gadgets… do what you know how to do… find good light… and go.

And I got lucky, because in his office (not a typical office building) they had a meeting room with huge beautiful windows, a cool brick wall on one side and a long white board on the other… and ta-da…. my very own professional backdrop and lighting.

Thank you to all the architects who make beautiful buildings with good windows.

Ann and her girls….

This is one of my best friends from high school, Ann, and all her girls…

First came Susie…. and you can see her several times on my websites

And then came Allie….

We wanted to make sure Allie, the second child, has as many baby photos as her well documented big sister… so when Susie took her nap today, we had an “Allie Exclusive” photo shoot.

Well, it was an “Allie Exclusive” photo shoot except for poor Luna, Ann’s first baby girl, who has moved into a lowly third place, but with a little love, all is forgiven.

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