This is Lily…

Lily turned three years old this month.

One of the presents Lily got for her birthday was a whole bag of tootsie roll pops.

And the month before that, she got a baby sister.

I learned from hanging out with Lily that three is the perfect age to become a big sister…

But I also learned that three is not the perfect age to get a whole bag of tootsie roll pops.

Two Midwesterners and Their New California Boy….

It’s baby time! Seems like everyone we know is multiplying… which is fun for me.

Meet Michael, the son of two amazingly talented and loving people. When he gets a little bigger he will no doubt: play music, grow vegetables, go to Antarctica, love hiking, and have cute dimples just like his parents. But for now, he is moving to San Diego to start a new life with his parents, and we all wish them the very best.

This was the crib his mom slept in when she was a baby… yay for reusing!

See, you can kind of see that little dimple forming on that big juicy cheek.

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