A Chicken Named Paige…

Ok, I am getting a little repetitive here… more photos of my beautiful pregnant best friend, Nici.

But I can’t help it. I caught a spark while I was visiting Nici in Montana and I couldn’t stop taking photos. Maybe it was that their house is full of amazing inspiring art, maybe it was that they are both amazing and inspiring artists, maybe Montana is an amazing and inspiring state… or maybe I was just in love with it all and wanted to absorb every inspiring moment. Whatever the reason, my Rolleiflex just knew it was an important trip for me and therefore it was on its best behavior.

And I love almost every photo my Rollei took… but I especially love Nici with her chickens. And I especially especially love Nici with her chicken named Paige (I tried to catch Lindsay, but she was not having any of it, so we used her stunt double.)

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