Happy Birthday to My Favorite Person on the Planet…

He did it.

Arann Harris planned, facilitated and headlined another successful Oysterpalooza, in Valley Ford (click link for more photos.)

After running around taking care of logistics all day long, when it was his turn to play, he still made people dance their feet off and laugh out loud.

It was the best Oysterpalooza yet (there have been three.)

To my love, who hates birthday cards, on your birthday the only thing I have to say is…

Even though all these people love you… no one’s ever gonna love you as much as me.

Oysterpalooza 2009… that’s all I need to say…

… but I am going to say more.

What a day of happy people eating fresh local oysters, drinking beer, listening to amazingly good local music, and dancing until they could dance no more. This is one of Arann’s big annual projects that he does in collaboration with the Rocker Oysterfeller’s team. The epic event is not without a lot of work and publicity (which brought more people out this year than ever before and brought some unexpected hurdles like figuring out where to park all those cars.) In the end people were patient and remembered the point of the occasion was to chill out, eat oysters, listen to talented musicians and have a good time, and I think the photos show the mission was accomplished.

It was a super fun day and I can’t wait for 2010. Maybe there will be t-shirts next year… just a suggestion… but who doesn’t want a t-shirt that says Oysterpalooza?

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