Drink Sustainably…

To make our April wedding affordable, Arann and I did what we could to barter our talents. During the planning days, one of my bestest friends, Lindsay, suggested that I trade my photography for wine at Parducci Winery. And, lucky for us, they were into the idea, so I traded one full day of photographing for lots of amazing wine.

Not only is their wine extremely yummy, but it is also… local, family owned, organic and the very first winery in the country to be carbon neutral. This means they are doing lots of really cool things such as… solar installation, an energy-efficiency audit in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), using biodiesel in company vehicles and farm equipment, converting from incandescent to fluorescent lighting in the winery and a local tree planting program.

They also use chickens in the vineyards to eat pests and mix up the soil; they have owl boxes all over the winery; they are recycling extensively, and they have created a wetland habitat with reclaimed water.

And to top it all off, they are wonderful people. It was such a huge compliment that they wanted to trade wine for photos, and it was lots of fun getting a sneak peek behind the scenes at such an ecologically responsible business. I definitely recommend this wine for any and all occasions.

A day of edible beauty…

Well, I wanted to boost my food photography portfolio… so I made it happen at Windrush Farm, with the help of the Gardening, Baking, Styling, and Photography Dream Team…

Most of the veggies and flowers were grown and harvested by: Rebecca Bozzelli at the Sonoma Garden Park, Paul Wirtz at Oak Hill Farm and Mimi Luebbermann at Windrush Farm.

Pizzas were made from scratch by Mike the Baker Zakowski, also from Sonoma.

The ingredients of the day were styled by the talented Esther Feinman (with her arsenal of pretty things) and her fabulous friend Stacey.

The location and many of the props were graciously provided by Mimi Luebbermann of Windrush Farm.

A big thanks also to:

The Firestarter/Male Model/Comedian Arann Harris.

Nick from Nik’s Chix for the eggs.

Jude Mooney, my photography partner who will soon be displaying her own version of the day, and her super helper daughter, Dixie.

The gorgeous James family for modeling, yet again.

The people behind Parducci Wine who generoulsy gave us wine for our wedding in exchange for photography.

Christy, Mike’s wonderful girlfriend, who helped with anything that we needed help with.

Here’s to teamwork and more amazing dinner parties on the farm with fresh food and wonderfully talented friends.

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