Day 19 – a day off and a reminder about sharks…

This film photo was not taken today, but with the weather we’re having, it could have been.68100005Instead, I took the day off from photographing today and I’m posting this photo for my Monday To-Do list. And as a reminder that when your two-year old is standing in the bay with a giant leopard shark three feet away from him… you should probably go and get your child out of the water. That’s what my husband told me I should have done, instead of just standing frozen at the water’s edge calling, “Harper, come here. There’s a shark!” And even though I don’t think leopard sharks are a threat to humans, I still think that’s probably a good rule of thumb for future shark encounters.

Day 8 – Back to work…

I realized on the first leg of my three+ hour commute to South San Francisco that today was my second to last photo shoot with the Studio Choo ladies. After two years working together, I am going to miss bundling up in extra layers, eating burritos with green salsa, trying to bounce light off the dark clouds, blowing dirt around with the rocket and catching up on the latest developments of our very fascinating lives. But I am excited to share our new collaboration that is coming out in the fall of 2014… and here is a teeny tiny sneak peek…010814_44A0215

Day 3 – bribery for a good cause (picking just one photo a day is going to be hard…)

New Year’s Resolution #3: Hike up the hill behind our house once a day.


Good thing I didn’t say we couldn’t bring cookies as motivation…


Because hiking with a two-year-old kind of defeats the reason for the resolution.


But five cookies, two tangerines, a handful of almonds and craisins later and…


We finally made it to our goal.

paigegreen01032013-048Going home was a much easier sell. paigegreen01032013-052

Day 1 – A hike with friends and a new (very old) camera

1-sarahjon112014New Year’s Resolution #6: I need to be a part of my own life, instead of just documenting others.

So, I am going to try a 365 day photo challenge, for the first time ever. Kind of scary, but exciting. I want to be more creative and have more fun with my photography, so maybe this challenge will help.

Arann gave me a Polaroid Automatic 250 Land Camera for Christmas and two boxes of polaroids. I was excited to use it, but scared I would break it because it didn’t come with a manual.

Today my long time friend, and fellow intern veteran (aka photo slave) from the early days, helped me figure out how to use it. One box of polaroids later and I think I am getting the hang of it.

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