Remembering the meaning of it all…

Remember Meghan and Tom from their engagement photo session a couple of months ago? Well, they are happily married now… but it was not an easy journey.

Rings not finished, groom stuck in a traffic jam missing the rehearsal, brother stranded in Chicago without a flight, hotel rooms not reserved, veil flying off right before entering the church… you name it… and it happened to poor Meghan and Tom. Stress was definitely very close to the surface during the final days and minutes leading up to the wedding.

But it was amazing how the minute Meghan walked through the doors of Old St Mary’s Church in Nicasio, the oldest country church in the United States, because all of the drama and nerves disappeared, and suddenly the purpose of all their hard work became clear again. The fact that Meghan and Tom finally made it up to the alter was proof that they were stronger than all of the hurdles thrown in their way.

And now they begin to live happily ever after.

Right? Come on, look at how story-book-perfect that setting is, you have to say stuff like that when the setting is so perfect.

The digital photos are still to come…. Yay, Meghan and Tom!!

Before and After….

I am in the middle of a massive photo-edit. Maybe my biggest yet, and I find that I am having trouble focusing, because I want to see it all right away, but life is interrupting and my attention span is scattered, so I keep jumping around. But so far, here are my two most favorite photos from Claudia and Leigh’s wedding in Surrey, England on June 21st.

And once again, the Rolleiflex wins again. I have hundreds of digital photos, but none inspire or evoke emotion like the soft glow of the Rollei photos. So stay tuned… there will be lots more to come, this is only the beginning and the end… I still have the whole middle to go.

A success story and why I love weddings…

Jennifer and Steve met 5 months ago on and last weekend I got to photograph their wedding story. I was a little nervous, because it had been over a year since I photographed a complete wedding, do to my year-off for grad school, but this wedding was the perfect reintroduction. Everyone was so happy, the location they picked had gorgeous light and wonderful shade from incredible oak trees and so I just got to play. And weddings are so good because they have everything…. stories, happy people who actually want to be photographed, emotions, products and lots of action, so photo possibilities are endless.

product photography….

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