Stick to what you know…

This is the email I received this week….

Hi there,

I have a last minute project I was hoping you could help me with?

I have to get a professional headshot of an executive here at Safari Books Online. He will be in San Francisco tomorrow and I was hoping you would be available and willing?

What do you think?

We will need a professional backdrop and lighting.

I was all fine, and ready to go until… “We will need a professional backdrop and lighting.”

I don’t do professional backdrops and lighting… but of course, I said, “Sure, I’ll be there.”

And then I freaked out. Professional backdrops… that means c-stands and drop cloths, but all I have are wrinkled sheets and Arann’s mic stands…. and I hate using lighting. So I ran around and borrowed what I could from photographer friends (thank you Jude and Randall) and loaded up my car with all kinds of gadgets and I took off for the city with a stomach full of butterflies.

But because I didn’t have an assistant to help me set-up any kind of backdrop, and because I knew my client was going to be busy and not able to hang out while I try different “professional backdrops”… I decided, while I was in the car… no gadgets… do what you know how to do… find good light… and go.

And I got lucky, because in his office (not a typical office building) they had a meeting room with huge beautiful windows, a cool brick wall on one side and a long white board on the other… and ta-da…. my very own professional backdrop and lighting.

Thank you to all the architects who make beautiful buildings with good windows.

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