My week last week…

What I learned about product photography:

  • steaming is better than ironing.
  • swabs are better than plastic squeezey things that blow air when you want to clean your digital sensor.
  • t-pins, straight pins with glass heads, and bubble wrap can come in handy when you want to add life to your still life.
  • computer capture would be better than camera capture…if your computer wanted to capture the photos.
  • table-top would be better than floor-top… but if it is on the floor then stretch at the same time in order to get your daily exercise.
  • changing the color in photoshop is much easier than trying to make 12 items look wrinkle free, lint free, and positioned exactly the same way (ps: there is a color replacement tool in CS3 that will change the color for you… although still tricky to match the exact color you want… it is ridiculously easy.)
  • calling your friend Jon, who knows how to do all this stuff already, is much better than trying to figure it out all by yourself.
  • photographing people without clothes is a lot easier than photographing clothes without people.

Day 2: Rattled goes to the Farm…

This is the hardest post I have made yet… because there are so many cute photos, it took me a very long time to try and narrow down my favorites… but if you want to see more, you’ll just have to wait for the Rattled catalog to come out. And that is all I have to say about this amazing day of photographing cute kids on a beautiful farm with a perfectly overcast day. Hopefully, by looking at the photos, you can see that Rattled’s clothes are practical, durable and pretty darn cute… the only thing that makes them better is that they are organic! Yay Katie and Kristen, you did great!

Rattled = Organic Clothing for Kids that you will love… Day 1

Katie McNicholas Winburn, from Greenville, South Carolina, was frustrated that she couldn’t find simple, practical, inexpensive and cute clothing for her toddler. She said the only clothing for toddlers that she could find either had: overwhelming patterns; awkward sayings or logos; came in pastel colors; or were too expensive… so, with the help of her sister-in-law, Kristen McNicholas, they decided to make their own organic clothing line called: Rattled.

And in order to sell their new cute and ecologically responsible clothing line… they needed cute organic photos… so, after many many facebook messages, we finally agreed on a plan and I flew in for the week to take their photos.

Katie and Kristen worked hard lining up the families, locations and coordinating the outfits for each child… and they did a fantastic job! It was so nice to show up and have everything all set up, so all I had to do was focus on taking cute photos.

But even with all their excellent planning, the task was still a good challenge for me. Because I had never seen the location before, nor had I met the 4 toddlers, I had to think and act quickly (while recovering from jet-lag at 8:30 in the morning without coffee) in order to keep up with the constantly changing and moving little people.

But we had lots of fun, and we learned a lot. For example, I tried to use a lighting kit I borrowed… but I quickly re-learned, once again, to stick to what I know, because following two-year-olds around a two-story house… with a light that needs to be plugged into wall and sit on a stand with an umbrella… did not work. So we moved furniture and used the gorgeous window light instead and it worked really well.

And so, Day 1 was a big and messy success… and we were even more excited about Day 2: Rattled goes to the farm.

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