This is our yard on round-up…

This is the view we see from all of the windows at the back of our house… (click photo to enlarge)

Our 96 year old landlady is scared of fires, so she hired someone to spray the entire backyard with round-up and kill all of the plants in our backyard. This is heartbreaking to us for so many reasons.

And on a rainy day like today, I especially wonder what the effect of the poison will be to the 50+ robins who have descended on our mud flat.

The robins come to gobble up the worms, who emerge out of the ground to escape the excess water, that would normally be absorbed by the roots of the plants, but because there are no plants, the worms have nowhere to hide, therefore the worms are easy targets for the robins… and the robins are psyched.

But little do the robins know that the worms have been wallowing in poison for the last three months… so our little story does not have a happy ending… not yet anyway.

It is time for us to speak up.

“UNLESS someone like you… cares a whole awful lot… nothing’s going to get better… It’s not.” – The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss

(Sorry for the downer post… if you need a pick-me-up go click on the video of the bouncing lambs… that should do the trick.)

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