City Hall…


I am currently working on a fun project with a group of researchers, and we are exploring different businesses in the Bay Area, in order to learn what would bring businesses back to the city instead of sprawling out in the suburbs.

So… so far I have mostly photographed interviews, which means I have lots of photographs of blackberries, fancy shoes and close-ups of hands that are frozen in the air as they help emphasize the brain’s important message. But, between the scheduled interviews, I have also been experimenting with my least favorite kind of photography… street photography.

It’s not that I don’t like street photographs taken by other photographers, because I do, I just don’t like doing it myself. It makes me feel like a creepy stalker when I try and take photos of people without them noticing. But so far it has been easier in SF than my last attempts, in London. Here are some of my impressions of City Hall… more favorite street photos to come.






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