On my way to a very different coast…

I am off to Charleston, South Carolina, for the weekend…

Where the waves are a lot smaller,

the water is a lot warmer,

and in the place of cliffs stand barrier islands of sand.

And while I am gone,

I have just one request…

Take good care of you, for me.

And I’ll take good care of me,

for you.

Meet Sadie…


A year ago, I photographed Sadie while she was in her mom’s belly, and I posted the photos here America’s Next Top Pregnant Model and here America’s Next Top Pregnant Model (Part 2: film.)

This weekend, I went back to Santa Cruz and photographed Sadie, outside of her mom’s belly, in the same house where we photographed last year. It is also the same house where she was born, the same house where she is learning to take her first steps, and the same house that she will be moving from next week… so it was a very significant and timely photo shoot.

Here is little Sadie, right before life really gets moving.













America’s Next Top Pregnant Model (Part 2: Film)…

I have been so busy over the last month that I haven’t had time to scan my Rolleiflex negatives from the last several photo shoots… and it had been so long that I almost started to think that maybe digital was good enough. Maybe I wouldn’t do film so much anymore, because digital is so much easier and cheaper… but then I scanned these. And I am in love again!

To see the digital photos from the same photo shoot click here.

And once again, here is the first baby of the family, who is not so excited about the new baby soon to come.

America’s Next Top Pregnant Model…

Beth is another beautiful pregnant very-soon-to-be-mom and she wanted some photos of her baby belly. She had done her homework and watched America’s Next Top Model… so she knew all the right looks and poses so we did the usual pretty photos by the window…

But then we went to the beautiful rocky coastline near their home in Santa Cruz. And for those of you who are not in California and think of California as Sunny California… that is not often the case in Northern California. Just ask Beth… she did her best to hold her poses but it was hard when her teeth were chattering and her lips were turning blue but it was not easy. Rollei photos to come.

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