Always Wear Your Seat Belt…

At 9:18 pm on Tuesday evening, I had just finished dinner with friends in Oakland, when I got a phone call from my mother-in-law saying Arann, my husband, her son, was in the hospital.

She said… he had been hit by a drunk driver at 3:30 pm while driving home from farm camp.

She said… she had been driving in the car behind him and so she saw the whole thing happen. Meaning she saw her youngest child get hit head-on by another car.

She said… he had just gotten out of surgery, they were keeping him over night, and I should get to the hospital as soon as I could.

She also said… he had been wearing his seatbelt and both airbags came out… so he was going to be ok.

She was right… Arann is now home from the hospital and even though everything in his body hurts right now, he is eventually going to be ok.

Whereas the totaled car, which is now sitting in our driveway waiting to be towed away, silently reminds us that we are so, so very lucky that Arann will eventually be ok… because it easily could have been so much worse.

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