Jason Wilson and the Flying Pig

Officer Jason Wilson is one of the four officers in charge of the Reidville area, but only one officer is on duty at a time. Originally from Louisiana, he has been working in this area for 6 years. His favorite place to stop for food and drinks is the Flying Pig.


He likes the area because of the country and town mix but he chose not to live in Reidville because he likes to have his work and life separate. Which is probably good because he describes himself as a treehugger, a conservationist and a pagan, traits that are not common around these parts….needless to say Sandra Gowan, Reidville’s town clerk, calls him a heathen. But Jason says, “It is nothing personal. I am here to do my job, I am not here to be liked.”

Lately the biggest issue around here has been stealing copper, especially from air conditioning units, but otherwise it is a real good area, Jason says. The job security is nice too, “The only thing you can count on in life are death and taxes and that we will always need cops.”

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