The man I am going to marry…

On my last night in town before I flew home to South Carolina, I had to get a few more landscape photos for an assigment. So Arann and I decided to multi-task… date night with mussels and french fries, landscape photos, and photos of him in his chicken suit… of course. (The cows were very intrigued… it was not a typical Tuesday night event for them.)

For those of you who don’t know, Arann is the lead singer of The Bluebellies, and he writes and sings a lot of songs about chickens. He really wants everyone in the band to buy chicken suits for their next band photo… but chicken suits are not cheap… so he is having a hard time convincing the other members it is a worthwhile investment. This one came from Target and was about $70. I bought Arann’s suit, because I figured it can be a write-off, since, as you can see, it is for my very serious photo-business.

One funny detail… the tag says the suits are ‘one-size-fits-all,’ but as you can see, they weren’t expecting one of those All’s to be 6’4.

And I really like how Arann left the hanger tag on the suit… it is very Arann…

My Muse…

…Who may not always be amused to stop for a photo, but in the end he always does, and that is so nice for me. And most importantly he always encourages me on during the roller coaster flips and turns of photography, I recommend everyone have their own cheerleader, even if they prefer sunflowers to pompoms

If That’s What You’re In To….

My bestest friend and avid blogger, Nici, aka: Dig This Chick, from Montana, challenged me, and some other bloggers, to share our favorite music: past and present.

Here’s the challenge:

List seven songs you are into right now. Tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.

Nici’s TWIST:
List seven albums you were into ten years ago.

And because I love music, I decided to play along. So here’s what I said, with a couple of changes because it means I get to add more….

Current Obsessions:

The Bluebellies
have to be on my list, because the lead singer is super hot (see photo above) and I love songs about chickens. But because I am engaged to the lead singer, they don’t count, so this is just a shameless plug.

Bon Iver, love love his whole album. His voice fills my soul with love and I get all emotional. Favorite songs: skinny love and flume.

Thao Nguyen. She is amazing rocking little woman, especially when you see her live. Favorite songs: Bag of Hammers (click to see a cute video) and Beat.

Modest Mouse jumped on my list 4 years ago with album ‘Good News for People Who Love Bad News.’ And my current old favorite song of theirs is Baby Blue Sedan.

Flight of the Conchords: If that’s what you’re into tied with Business Time (click to see cute videos.)

The Knife sung originally by Heartbeats and then remade by Jose Gonzales, I like both versions equally but for different mood swings.

M Ward’s Chinese Translation… (click to see a cute video.)

And for the last one… this is so hard because I have a million others… but here goes:

The Bright Eyes song: First Day of my Life makes me well up every time (cute video.)

And as for my favorites 7 years ago… it was more about albums and less about songs… maybe that is evidence as to how the music industry has changed with the ipod shuffle phenomenon.

Counting Crows: August and Everything After. Still love it, but it is a little embarrassing to admit now, because everything after their ‘everything after’ album is not so good.

Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia. I was singing at the top of my lungs in the car with Nici.

Outcast: Aquemini. I went to UGA (go dawgs) and saw them in concert, way before Hey-Ya, although they are a good example of a group that actually improves with time.

Sublime: Sublime (all-purpose cd just like flour.)

Dave Matthews Band: Under the Table and Dreaming (it was unavoidable.)

Smashing Pumpkins: Adore.

Ani diFranco: Living in Clip

Feel free to post your lists in the comments below, or post on your own blog and link, either way, it’s fun to discover new music.

Ready. Set. Go!

The Bluebellies at The Mystic

Just a moment to brag about my man’s band, The Bluebellies, because they happily climbed onto the big stage at our hometown venue, The Mystic, on Saturday night. It wasn’t their first time under the bright Mystic spotlights, but it still is a big deal, so I wanted to document the occasion well for them.

The hardest part of photographing shows is always capturing the stage, as well as the crowd. Arann always wants photos that show lots of people… but without using flash, it isn’t easy. I stuck in one of my attempts, just to show how many people love them.

So the next time you hear about The Bluebellies coming to your town, you should grab your friends and go watch them play… but only if you are ready to dance, laugh and hear lots of songs about chickens.

To hear samples of their music and to see more of my Bluebelly photography checkout their myspace page here:

Another Comparison…

I apologize for being repetitive… but now that I have said sorry… here I go again… these are the Rollei’s version of the same weekend adventures… and my conclusion on the battle between film and digital… I like both. I think both have the potential (depending on the human making the decisions) to take really beautiful photographs… but they are different. They create different photos… and depending on what you want to photograph, you have to make the call. Or not, like me, and just lug around two obnoxious cameras and see what you get.

Here my cold friends are admiring the view for me, while I fiddle with the Rollei’s knobs, I think at this point, as their heads were blowing away, they would have preferred I stuck with digital.

And this is for Frank, he wanted the kiss…. and he almost has it.

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