No warm-up necessary this year…

This was the third year in a row that I photographed Jasmine and her parents

…which, I learned, makes for a very comfortable and very action-packed photo shoot.

No warm-up time necessary this year, Little Miss Jasmine was ready to go…

And so was I… after spending 72 continuous hours working on getting our new house ready for us to move in to it this week! It is totally chaotic and insane what we are trying to do in such a short amount of time… so this one hour photo shoot, in this perfect location (which happens to be conveniently in my new backyard,) with these ready and willing models… was exactly the boost I needed tonight to keep me going.
And hopefully the next blog post I write will be from my desk, in my new office, in our very own house! Eeeeeeeeeee….. wish us luck!

My horoscope said so…

Most days I love what I do, but some days I feel like the lonely old peach tree that lives in my backyard that has been sprayed with herbicides. So lately I have been wondering if being a photographer is really the right path for me, or should I be something else… like a vet. (But I can only be a vet who works on healthy animals because just the thought of blood makes the room go black as I start to pass out.)

And then, one week in December, as I was wrapping my Christmas presents with the North Bay Bohemian I read this…

Libra (9/23-10/22) I’m hoping 2010 will be the year you do whatever it takes to fall more deeply in love with the work you do. I’d like to see you reshape the job you have so that it better suits your soul’s imperatives. If that’s not possible, consider looking for or even creating a new job. The cosmos will be conspiring to help you accomplish this. Both hidden and not-so-hidden helpers will be nudging you to earn your livelihood in ways that serve your highest ideals and make you feel at peace with your destiny. – Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology.

I haven’t read my horoscope in a really, really long time, and I don’t know Rob Brezsney, but I feel like he read my brain. He heard my doubts and knew I would wrap my presents with his newspaper, so he threw his wise words in front of me and made me think. And he is right, this is the year I have to jump in with both feet or switch pools.

I have been so incredibly lucky in 2009.

I have had so many wonderful opportunities and jobs that have just landed in my lap, and I am grateful for each and every one. I have met amazing people, and been to amazing places, and learned so many amazing things. But this year, I am going to put myself out there and find documentary photography jobs that make me fall more deeply in love with the work I do. Jobs that tell stories about communities, about people making positive change, about people overcoming adversity. Stories that show what it is like to live in the year 2010.

This is my new year’s resolution and it starts now. Here goes everything. (ps: I am going to need those hidden and not-so-hidden helpers so feel free to help away.)

Happy New Year.

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