Waffle House in Lancaster

I started my Waffle House Tour 2007 in Lancaster, PA. For those who don’t know, I believe the Waffle House is a place to find community in our chain restaurant reality. Because community is my motivating force, one of my projects I have been wanting to do for many years is to document community within the WH establishments and this summer I hope to work on that in my free time….or if other projects don’t pan out.


Kisha and Carlos helped served us at the WH on Dillerville Rd in Lancaster, PA. I ate grilled cheese, sweet tea and then my brother and I had to try the new chocolate chip waffles for dessert. Kisha’s favorite artist on the jukebox is Shakira and the biggest event to happen in this WH was when Cylo the mascot for the Barnstormers, Lancaster’s baseball team, came to visit the restaurant.

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