paige green


Raised in South Carolina, Ireland, Korea and Hong Kong by Midwestern parents means Paige is open to just about anything and she can make friends anywhere.

Paige spent her childhood drawing and dreaming about becoming the next Jane Goodall until falling in love with photography in college. Unsure of what to do with an art degree and scared of chemistry, she majored in Geography to learn more about the world.

It was a geography professor who gave Paige her first photography job: photographing clouds in the Sierra Nevada mountains. After that summer of hiking and chasing clouds with her camera, Paige was sure about two things: she wanted to learn more about photography and she wanted to stay in California.

Except for her year in London pursuing a Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the University of the Arts, Paige has been photographing and living in California ever since. She currently lives north of San Francisco in a house full of boys including her husband, two sons, dog and cat.

A lover of natural light, medium format film, and capturing candid moments, Paige is excited by any photoshoot with kids, dogs, or good food (especially chocolate food) and she looks forward to spending the rest of her life capturing moments, photographing her family and documenting communities.

Her philosophy in life and photography (and the tattoo she wants to get but never will)… Be Nice.

For more of her latest work, visit


  1. It was great meeting you this morning. I’m looking at your blog right now, and plan to spend some time reading it. I really like your work – you are a gifted person, and it looks like you are really using your talents!

    I wanted to give you my contact information. Phone: 864.414.4799, Email:, Blog:, AIM: StephenV22

    I was serious about going shooting some time with you. I have a really flexible schedule so it doesn’t have to be only on the weekend. There’s a lot of really great places around here to go.

    Keep in touch!

    Stephen V.


  2. enjoyed your site and your blog—will visit again. please visit mine and my blog




  3. Hi Paige,
    I love your website,
    my mom and sister and daughter and I were at windrush farm last weekend and took our pictures in the photo booth, did they not turn out very well? too goofy?
    just wondering,


  4. Hello Paige,

    I blundered across your blog looking up goats, Zoo Atlanta and Green(last name of Horticulture Curator) and realized that I knew you and was wondering how you were. I see engaged, well traveled and artisticly brilliant, but otherwise… I was the Supervisor of horticulture when you started in the Petting Zoo. Congratulations on everything.



  5. Hi Paige
    A great set of photos, they all seem to have a soul….how are you getting on with the Rollei??


  6. What’s for breakfast, lady? I’m up. I’m hungry. And I see you’re holding a yummy future in your hand(s).


  7. Wow! You are wonderfully talented! I’d really like to do a story about you and your work. Please contact me.


  8. By any chance is this the Paige Green from Greenville, SC? The one that worked at Outback? I was doing a few searches and was trying to catch up if it’s the same Paige Green (couldn’t confirm from the picture above.) If it’s Paige, well….!


  9. I linked to you through a friend on FB — not one who usually “comments”, usually admires from a distance, but your work is simply BEAUTIFUL in every way. So glad you are sharing your gift with the world, best of luck to you.


  10. HI Paige!
    I had some inquires for portrait photography in the city, so I sent them your way!
    Hope you’re having a great week!
    =) Lori


  11. Hey Paige!

    I’m moving jobs after 6 and half years and I found a link to your site, so thought I should say, “Hi – hope you and Arran are doing well!”.

    All the boats are back at 3 Mills now and as the Olympics are nearly build, I don’t think you would recognise it.

    The mud men have gone but there is a consistent follow of tourists to entertain instead.

    Many of the boat folk have moved on and new one have arrived. I,myself no longer live there but have rented Coco to a nice couple … and I’m enjoying having a bath and warmth and not having to fix stuff all the time in my girlfriends flat.

    Even Luke and family have moved on to land, but then as they had another baby I guess that was one too many.

    Next time you’re in the UK give us a shout!



  12. I added your blog to Petaluma Magazine this morning. Nice work.


  13. I too live in a house full of boys and was just introduced to your work by Sara Remington. I’ll say the same thing to you I said to her (which is one of the things that prompted her to tell me about you) your work feels really complimentary to my blog and if you ever find yourself wanting to do some sort of honest, edgy, insightful photo project around parenthood or urban homesteading or women and their bodies, let me know; i’m always on the lookout for a rad mom photographer to join forces with on a project, big or small.


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