A very simple story about very good ice cream…

These two women, Anne and Kris, needed a kitchen to bake their baked goods for the Bi-Rite Market. Eventually they found a kitchen that also had a store in the front, so they needed something to sell. They couldn’t just sell their baked goods because the store front is right next to another very delicious bakery, so they had to think of something else. So they thought… Why not organic ice cream?

And here is what happened…




With a line continuously stretched around the block, it is obvious that their ice cream makes a lot of kids (and adults) very happy.

So now Kris and Anne want to make a cook book for their ice cream.


Here’s hoping that this is an ice cream story that will be continued.



Once upon a time…

The End….

Jude, my stock photography partner, planned a trip to Gabriel Apple Farm, in Graton, this evening. She did a great job of making sure we had lots of models to work with, so we could both go off and do our own thing. While she went off with a cute mom and her cute little boys, I got this crew…

We didn’t have an agenda, which was good because my crew did not want to work with an agenda. So we just played. I realized it has been a long time since I just played… and I realized it was fun.

I think we should all remember to just play as much as we can.

And if you need help on how to start playing, why not start with a little creative writing. Make up your own story about what is happening in the photos above and share your creative fairy tale in the comments below… The best story may just win a prize.

May the person who has the most fun win.

A Day in Point Reyes with Susan Hayes…

I spent the whole day playing in Point Reyes today with three amazing women, and one very helpful man. The purpose of our playing was to create a new collection of photos for Susan Hayes to use to promote her store in Point Reyes Station.

Conditions were perfect.

We had the dream team of talent with: Mariah the gorgeous model, Aimée the fabulous stylist, Susan the director and artist extraordinaire, and Jack the debonair car-moving paparazzi. The locations were so fantastically diverse. And the fog came and went exactly on schedule.

We had so much fun that it made me think that maybe, just maybe, I could get used to a little more fashion photography in my life.

Summer. Good for us. Bad for Crayfish.

I learned that to hunt for crayfish, all you need is a garden stick, string, some sort of wire shaped into a hook for the salami and a pond. Beer, dogs and friends help too.

I didn’t actually eat any of the crayfish, and neither did Arlo, but my friends said they were yummy. I hope to be able to try them after our next crayfish hunting adventure.

(Photographed with my beloved Rolleiflex in Sonoma, California.)

This is Lily…

Lily turned three years old this month.

One of the presents Lily got for her birthday was a whole bag of tootsie roll pops.

And the month before that, she got a baby sister.

I learned from hanging out with Lily that three is the perfect age to become a big sister…

But I also learned that three is not the perfect age to get a whole bag of tootsie roll pops.

What 4th of July Means to Me…

This is what celebrating Independence should be… well, really it is all for my dear friend Michelle’s Annual Wine Country Birthday Bash… but it just so happens it is the same weekend as the 4th. If ever there was someone who should have been born on the holiday known for barbecuing… it is Michelle. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

The Rollei added another light leak this time on Anne’s shoulder, so I played in photoshop again… this time I copied my favorite friend Thomas’s trick and added a lens flare filter… if he can do it, then so can I. It looks looks a little odd, but it is just a desperate attempt to save a fun photo.

flying to america…..

…..for spring break….after three months in london, I am happy to return, to test my new skills acquired from my ma course in photojournalism and to soak up some warm california sun.

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