I photograph people…

When I was working on photo shoot yesterday, for an exciting new book with Lila B, I met another photographer who asked me what I photograph.


My quick reply, as I was standing behind my tripod with my camera pointing at an arrangement of flowers,”I photograph people.”


Photographer man: look of awkward confusion.


My addendum, “And lately, flowers.”


While I do love, and probably prefer photographing people, I am willing to photograph almost anything if the people I get to work with are amazing.


And as I start work on my second flower/plant arranging book, I can confidently say I have nothing but love for flower people and I will happily work with them any time.


Here are behind the scenes look from my first flower book, with the incredible Studio Choo, that will be on the bookshelves, in a book store near you, this spring.


Huge thanks to Morgan Bellinger for being an incredible assistant and shanty town builder.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013…

At the end of a year I love to look back at the year gone by…


…and get inspiration for the new year to come.












After I have finished reflecting on the year gone by…


…I take that inspiration in to the new year and…













…with all of my heart.


Thank you for being a part of my inspiration…


…on my journey through photography.


Happy New Year!


I hope you have the best 2013 possible.

it is all about people…

I may photograph food, products, events, and flowers… but for me, it is all about the people. So I get excited when family portrait season comes around and families invite me in to their homes for an hour, or even better, for an afternoon, and I get to play…

I enjoy it so much that every time I am at a family photo shoot I usually have to remind myself that it is time to put down the camera and go home. And when I do eventually leave, I feel honored to have been invited in to the homes of these families and to document what their lives are like at this moment… and I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to call this my job.

Photography Lessons: by lil’ Margaux…

(click on the photo for a closer look)

A year ago in May, I received this email from Abby:

Paige – we love your work! It would be awesome to have you document lil’ Margaux.

We were thinking of doing three short photo sessions spaced out through the year. We want to get some nice shots of her as she grows. (Everyday is something new!). I’d like to do the first session after she can hold her head up (3 mos or so) as she’ll be a more sensational model at that point. And we’d like to do this outside, earth baby style.


I was excited about the opportunity to document a little one’s first year of life, and so over the next 16 months I was able to photograph Margaux at…

…3 months…

…7 months…

…and 19 months.

Each time I arrived at their house, it was fun to see (and experience) the differences a few months can have on a little person. And I learned a lot from Margaux about how to be better prepared to photograph the very different stages. These are the valuable lessons that lil’ Margaux taught me about photographing a child’s first year:

At three months you have to work really fast before your model falls asleep… again.

Seven months is so dreamy… a few funny noises and a mirror is all it takes to get a good smile.

And 19 months… watch out. You better have eaten a good lunch, done some stretching and have a bunny up your sleeve, because not only do you have to move fast to keep up with your model, but you also have to have some tricks to keep her entertained. Ladders, chairs, agile parents, and using your body as a blockade works too…

But as I looked back to compare the photos from each of our photo shoots, I was pleased to discover some similarities as well…

Thank you, Abby, Nate and Margaux, for letting me document your first year together and for teaching me how to be a better photographer for all ages.

And I can’t wait to see what lessons Margaux has to share after lil’ Margaux becomes big sister Margaux.

We Need You (and all of your friends)…

To put on something fun… something with stars, or stripes… something plaid or something plain…

To bring something fun… your dog, a hula hoop, a bicycle, roller skates, or a fist full of balloons…

And to eat some local, organic, seriously good, ice cream in front of a camera…

Today, Saturday May 21th, at the Bi-Rite Creamery on 18th Street in SF, between 2-8 pm.

Hope to see you (and all of your friends) there.

What Happens Next…





Because I always want to know what happens next.

The same is true in life. I always want to know what is going to happen next. And what happens after photographing a ballerina on a roof top overlooking San Francisco? Hopefully more photo shoots with ballerinas on roof tops overlooking San Francisco. It was a photo shoot that I needed. A photo shoot to recharge my creative batteries. A photo shoot that was fun. Thank you, Terez, for sharing your incredible talent, and thank you, JC, for making it all come together.

And I really hope more of this…

…happens next.

My Best Tip-Toe Forward…

Last week I received a phone call from a well-known company asking to see my portfolio. They wanted to see still life, food and some people (because they don’t usually do much photography of people.)

While that phone call was very exciting, the problem was that no one had ever asked me to send in an actual printed portfolio before… so I didn’t have a portfolio to send.

Inspired, I started enthusiastically dragging out the hard drives and digging though the archives. Eventually I came up with a portfolio containing my most favorite 137 photos.

Luckily my talented graphic designer and trusty adviser, Tyler Young, said 137 photos might be a tad too many. So reluctantly, I whittled the portfolio down and here it is… my best (abridged) attempt to tip-toe further into the commercial world of still-life and food… with just a few people.

You tell me… (contest below)

I often get asked, “What is the difference between film and digital.”

So I have a series of descriptive words that I use to try and convey why I love film so much.

But it is hard… so I need help.

I’d love for you tell me what you think the difference is.

So… this is film.

And… this (click here) is digital.

Now you tell me what you think, by Friday the 18th, and I will pick one person to win a surprise film print.

Leslie and Sophia… and Andy Warhol

Last week I got this email:

Good afternoon Paige,

I recently moved to the city with my 3 year old daughter and we would like to capture our love for life, SF and each other. We live near Baker Beach and spend hours there each week so the sand, ocean and bridge are symbols of our life. I have browsed your site and I’m all in! Are you available and taking on new clients? I look forward to your reply, Leslie

I said, “Yes, please! I would never pass up a day at the beach and I am always accepting new clients.”

So we made a date and in her final email she said,“You will go bizerk over my 3.5 year old daughter…Stunning and a personality that lights up the world.”

She was so right.

I did go bizerk over her daughter. And the love they have for each other and for life is contagious.

What she didn’t tell me is that her daughter goes bizerk over her impersonation of Andy Warhol…

It was hilarious.

And informative…

I had no idea that Andy Warhol had so many cats and that they were all named Sam.

But Sophia did and it made her laugh every time.

Thank you Leslie and Sophia… it was a pleasure to meet you and document your lovely SF life.

And thank you Andy Warhol for being so amazingly funny to a 3.5 year old.

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