Rattled = Organic Clothing for Kids that you will love… Day 1

Katie McNicholas Winburn, from Greenville, South Carolina, was frustrated that she couldn’t find simple, practical, inexpensive and cute clothing for her toddler. She said the only clothing for toddlers that she could find either had: overwhelming patterns; awkward sayings or logos; came in pastel colors; or were too expensive… so, with the help of her sister-in-law, Kristen McNicholas, they decided to make their own organic clothing line called: Rattled.

And in order to sell their new cute and ecologically responsible clothing line… they needed cute organic photos… so, after many many facebook messages, we finally agreed on a plan and I flew in for the week to take their photos.

Katie and Kristen worked hard lining up the families, locations and coordinating the outfits for each child… and they did a fantastic job! It was so nice to show up and have everything all set up, so all I had to do was focus on taking cute photos.

But even with all their excellent planning, the task was still a good challenge for me. Because I had never seen the location before, nor had I met the 4 toddlers, I had to think and act quickly (while recovering from jet-lag at 8:30 in the morning without coffee) in order to keep up with the constantly changing and moving little people.

But we had lots of fun, and we learned a lot. For example, I tried to use a lighting kit I borrowed… but I quickly re-learned, once again, to stick to what I know, because following two-year-olds around a two-story house… with a light that needs to be plugged into wall and sit on a stand with an umbrella… did not work. So we moved furniture and used the gorgeous window light instead and it worked really well.

And so, Day 1 was a big and messy success… and we were even more excited about Day 2: Rattled goes to the farm.

About the author paige green

Paige Green is a documentary and portrait photographer, whose storytelling approach to photography frequently addresses issues involving agriculture, land use, and food. Her work is featured in nine books and has been published in Glamour, National Geographic Traveler, New York Times Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Country Living, House Beautiful, and Culture. Paige lives in Petaluma, CA with a house full of boys.

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  1. love these! my favorites are the boy in the red shirt in the tub and the one just after that… if I had kids, I would totally check out Rattled 🙂


  2. […] narrow down my favorites… but if you want to see more, you’ll just have to wait for the Rattle catalog to come out. And that is all I have to say about this amazing day of photographing cute […]


  3. You can go away…only if you keep taking picture like these…but then you have to come home.
    your other chicken.


  4. Gosh now that I want some of these clothes in adult size. You did a great job where do we purchase these clothes?

    Miss you.



  5. really great spontaneous photos- perfect light and ridiculously cute kids. The images suit the clothes perfectly. Love the kid being dipped in the lake!


  6. These photos are incredible. The lighting is awesome and the emotion is real! I wish I had you for my wedding :- )Not sure if Katie told you or not, but I am preggo. And I’ve just got to get my hands on her great new line!


  7. Great photos and the clothing line looks so comfortable. Tell us more.


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