Happy Independence Day, America…


The only fireworks I saw this year were on my mom’s shirt.

We had a very quiet 4th, celebrating with mac and cheese, a bottle of wine and a bad movie.

As we were hidden away in the suburbs of rural South Carolina, I thought about all the people out there celebrating with lots of beer, things on fire, and bbq… and I thought about the meaning behind all the celebrating today.

I wondered how many people really are celebrating our independence today… and I wondered just how independent ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ is these days.

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Paige Green is a documentary and portrait photographer, whose storytelling approach to photography frequently addresses issues involving agriculture, land use, and food. Her work is featured in nine books and has been published in Glamour, National Geographic Traveler, New York Times Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Country Living, House Beautiful, and Culture. Paige lives in Petaluma, CA with a house full of boys.

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  1. the lady is cute


  2. I guess freedom is relative. I think in the US we are very free compared to most countries in the middle east.


    1. Is this Emily Impey from Kennesaw Georgia?


  3. You are definitely right. As individuals, and especially as women, we are very free. I do feel very very lucky to be a woman in the US, especially after reading the book, Infidel.

    But I was thinking about the country’s independence in terms of not being dependent on other countries to survive. I was thinking about where our food comes from, and our resources, and where the jobs are. And how different it is today compared to the day when our country won its independence.

    Back then, I think we were a lot more independent than we are today.

    Thanks for making me think about it more though.


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