Surf Mama is Born…

Leslie Santos, a single mother living in San Francisco with her four-year-old daughter, wanted a place for girls, women, mothers and children, who are interested in surfing, sunshine, laughter and good company, to come together. When she couldn’t find such a place, she created her own and a few months of planning later SF Surf Mama was born.

Today we celebrated this new community with a SF Surf Mama Launch Party in Bolinas. The party included a welcome gift package, a yummy lunch, surf lessons, and of course a dynamic community of women. We didn’t find the sun, but we did find lots of laughter and waves perfect for all ages.

Here is a quick sneak peek of what you can expect when you join this brand new Surf Mama community…

If you are a girl, woman, mother or child, and you want to be a part of a fun surfing community then visit the SF Surf Mama facebook page to learn more.

Sorry fellas, I know these ladies are irresistible, but no guys allowed in this club.

About the author paige green

Paige Green is a documentary and portrait photographer, whose storytelling approach to photography frequently addresses issues involving agriculture, land use, and food. Her work is featured in nine books and has been published in Glamour, National Geographic Traveler, New York Times Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Country Living, House Beautiful, and Culture. Paige lives in Petaluma, CA with a house full of boys.

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  1. Paige, you continue to amaze me… OMG x 3! You truly captured the heart and soul of Surf Mama. Thank you, thank you, thank you for following your passion; you energize the world with your talent.


  2. Ditto to Leslie’s comment. You’re so talented and such a sweetheart. Thank you!


  3. Love what Leslie said: …”you energize the world with your talent.” So true.


  4. Leslie
    Love you!! I’m so proud of you my friend. You are following your dreams. I’ve seen such a transformation in you, keep going


  5. WOW WOW WOW! I love it! Thank you Paige for your sharing your tremendous talent with us.


  6. Oh Paige….you are so amazing! The stories you tell in your photos…….


  7. Awesome! So cool to see you teaching your daughter the sport so early! Stoked!


  8. Emilia Lahti May 4, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    ❤ Inspiring, beautiful, elevating. Can't wait to meet you, surf momma : )

    Emilia (stone throw away)


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