Only 48 days left until our very first… Farm Photo Workshop!!!!

I have thinking about it for years… and this year I am finally making it happen, with a little help from my friends, Jude and Morgan. There are a few spaces left so please spread the word…



If you, or someone you know, is a photographer who would enjoy spending a weekend on an amazing farm playing with cameras, lenses, reflectors, models, food photography, barns, bouncing lambs, chicken coops, oak trees, grassy fields, wood-fired pizza, and campfires then please click the link to learn more:


About the author paige green

Paige Green is a documentary and portrait photographer, whose storytelling approach to photography frequently addresses issues involving agriculture, land use, and food. Her work is featured in nine books and has been published in Glamour, National Geographic Traveler, New York Times Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Country Living, House Beautiful, and Culture. Paige lives in Petaluma, CA with a house full of boys.

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