I’m going to be sad for awhile…


The greatest canine love of my life died today.

Pancreatic cancer.

The disease transformed my…. strong, healthy, vibrant, squirrel chasing, pond swimming, flop to the floor and cuddle with you anytime… love into skin and bones in only three short weeks.

Luckily I made it home just in time to hold his head as he took his last breath.

So… needless to say I am a little bit sad today.

It doesn’t seem fair that “man’s best friend” does not live as long as man.

I am in search of Puff the Magic Dragon to be my next best animal friend…

because I don’t know that I can go through this again.

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Paige Green is a documentary and portrait photographer, whose storytelling approach to photography frequently addresses issues involving agriculture, land use, and food. Her work is featured in nine books and has been published in Glamour, National Geographic Traveler, New York Times Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Country Living, House Beautiful, and Culture. Paige lives in Petaluma, CA with a house full of boys.

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  1. Hey Paige.

    I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how u feel. I’ve lost a couple of dogs to similar conditions. It’s not easy saying goodbye. T x


  2. I’m so sorry! he looks like a handsome sweetie.
    I lost my beloved cat, tess, to pancreatic cancer a few years ago, too. it sounds the disease progressed similarly quickly for your dog. I remember how painful it was to watch her go through that – but how wonderful it was to be with her and cuddle her and help as much as I could. I’m so glad you had that opportunity with your dog! xo


  3. Oh sweetie

    I am so sorry for your loss


  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I have a lab and can’t imagine what that must be like.


  5. We’re so sorry Paige.


  6. I’m so sorry! I tear up thinking of my own beloved dogs, Bay and Solar, that cancer took from me too quickly.

    Have you read the book “sight hound” by Pam Houston? For me, it was a wonderful story to read while in puppy loss recovery. I have a copy if you’d like to borrow it.

    once again, so sorry….


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